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Section 1: Characteristics of a healthy relationship

         Open Communication

         Unconditional Love


         Spend Time Together

         Spend Time Apart

         Appreciate and Love Yourself

               Appreciate and Love Your Partner

         Forgive Each Other

         Respect and Support Each Other

         Show Affection to Each Other

      Be In Charge of Your Own Happiness

Section 2: Characteristics of an unhealthy relationship

         Controlling Behavior

         Selfish Behavior

         Irresponsible Behavior

         Volatile Behavior

         Constant Criticism

         Gas Lighting Behavior

         Abuse Doesnít Have To Be Physical

         Should You Stay

         Or Should You Go

         You Canít Change Them Ė Change You

         Sources Where You Can Get Help

5 Amazon Product Reviews

5 Domain Name Ideas

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships PLR + Product Reviews


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